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updated May 3 2024


After May 3, 2024, this dataset and webpage will no longer be updated because hospitals are no longer required to report data on COVID-19 hospital admissions, and hospital capacity and occupancy data, to HHS through CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network. Data voluntarily reported to NHSN after May 1, 2024, will be available starting May 10, 2024, at COVID Data Tracker Hospitalizations.

The following dataset provides facility-level data for hospital utilization aggregated on a weekly basis (Sunday to Saturday). These are derived from reports with facility-level granularity across two main sources: (1) HHS TeleTracking, and (2) reporting provided directly to HHS Protect by state/territorial health departments on behalf of their healthcare facilities.
The hospital population includes all hospitals registered with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as of June 1, 2020. It includes non-CMS hospitals that have reported since July 15, 2020. It does not include psychiatric, rehabilitation, Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities, Defense Health Agency (DHA) facilities, and religious non-medical facilities.
For a given entry, the term “collection_week” signifies the start of the period that is aggregated. For example, a “collection_week” of 2020-11-15 means the average/sum/coverage of the elements captured from that given facility starting and including Sunday, November 15, 2020, and ending and including reports for Saturday, November 21, 2020.
Reported elements include an append of either “_coverage”, “_sum”, or “_avg”.
  • A “_coverage” append denotes how many times the facility reported that element during that collection week.

  • A “_sum” append denotes the sum of the reports provided for that facility for that element during that collection week.

  • A “_avg” append is the average of the reports provided for that facility for that element during that collection week.
The file will be updated weekly. No statistical analysis is applied to impute non-response. For averages, calculations are based on the number of values collected for a given hospital in that collection week. Suppression is applied to the file for sums and averages less than four (4). In these cases, the field will be replaced with “-999,999”.
A story page was created to display both corrected and raw datasets and can be accessed at this link:
This data is preliminary and subject to change as more data become available. Data is available starting on July 31, 2020.
Sometimes, reports for a given facility will be provided to both HHS TeleTracking and HHS Protect. When this occurs, to ensure that there are not duplicate reports, deduplication is applied according to prioritization rules within HHS Protect.
For influenza fields listed in the file, the current HHS guidance marks these fields as optional. As a result, coverage of these elements are varied.
For recent updates to the dataset, scroll to the bottom of the dataset description.
On May 3, 2021, the following fields have been added to this data set.
  • hhs_ids
  • previous_day_admission_adult_covid_confirmed_7_day_coverage
  • previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed_7_day_coverage
  • previous_day_admission_adult_covid_suspected_7_day_coverage
  • previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_suspected_7_day_coverage
  • previous_week_personnel_covid_vaccinated_doses_administered_7_day_sum
  • total_personnel_covid_vaccinated_doses_none_7_day_sum
  • total_personnel_covid_vaccinated_doses_one_7_day_sum
  • total_personnel_covid_vaccinated_doses_all_7_day_sum
  • previous_week_patients_covid_vaccinated_doses_one_7_day_sum
  • previous_week_patients_covid_vaccinated_doses_all_7_day_sum
On May 8, 2021, this data set has been converted to a corrected data set. The corrections applied to this data set are to smooth out data anomalies caused by keyed in data errors. To help determine which records have had corrections made to it. An additional Boolean field called is_corrected has been added.
On May 13, 2021 Changed vaccination fields from sum to max or min fields. This reflects the maximum or minimum number reported for that metric in a given week.
On June 7, 2021 Changed vaccination fields from max or min fields to Wednesday reported only. This reflects that the number reported for that metric is only reported on Wednesdays in a given week.
On September 20, 2021, the following has been updated: The use of analytic dataset as a source.
On January 19, 2022, the following fields have been added to this dataset:

  • inpatient_beds_used_covid_7_day_avg
  • inpatient_beds_used_covid_7_day_sum
  • inpatient_beds_used_covid_7_day_coverage
On April 28, 2022, the following pediatric fields have been added to this dataset:

  • all_pediatric_inpatient_bed_occupied_7_day_avg
  • all_pediatric_inpatient_bed_occupied_7_day_coverage
  • all_pediatric_inpatient_bed_occupied_7_day_sum
  • all_pediatric_inpatient_beds_7_day_avg
  • all_pediatric_inpatient_beds_7_day_coverage
  • all_pediatric_inpatient_beds_7_day_sum
  • previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed_0_4_7_day_sum
  • previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed_12_17_7_day_sum
  • previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed_5_11_7_day_sum
  • previous_day_admission_pediatric_covid_confirmed_unknown_7_day_sum
  • staffed_icu_pediatric_patients_confirmed_covid_7_day_avg
  • staffed_icu_pediatric_patients_confirmed_covid_7_day_coverage
  • staffed_icu_pediatric_patients_confirmed_covid_7_day_sum
  • staffed_pediatric_icu_bed_occupancy_7_day_avg
  • staffed_pediatric_icu_bed_occupancy_7_day_coverage
  • staffed_pediatric_icu_bed_occupancy_7_day_sum
  • total_staffed_pediatric_icu_beds_7_day_avg
  • total_staffed_pediatric_icu_beds_7_day_coverage
  • total_staffed_pediatric_icu_beds_7_day_sum
On October 24, 2022, the data includes more analytical calculations in efforts to provide a cleaner dataset. For a raw version of this dataset, please follow this link:
Due to changes in reporting requirements, after June 19, 2023, a collection week is defined as starting on a Sunday and ending on the next Saturday.

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