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The California Health Interview Survey (CHIS) has been a crucial source of data on California's diverse populations. It has been used by every level of government in California, by legislators, in research/academia, for community health needs assessments in hospital settings, by the media, and by community based organizations. Research based on CHIS data has even been quoted in an amicus brief presented to the Supreme Court. CHIS continues to provide important data on the health of Californians. You can view more information here: In addition, CHIS also provides two data query tools: AskCHIS ( and AskCHIS Neighborhood Edition (, both based on CHIS data. AskCHIS has served over 50,000 users in California, who have made over 1mil queries since launch in 2001. AsCHIS Neighborhood Edition provides health estimates at the zip code level for Californians.


Thanks for the suggestion to post the CHIS on We usually post data sets from government agencies or from grantees of government agencies doing work on behalf of government. If the data's collection and curation were part of a grant or other formal relationship with a state government entity then we should explore next steps.

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