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COVID-19 Hospital Reporting - State Certification Status

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Updated 12/7/2020

As indicated in the COVID-19 Guidance for Hospital Reporting and FAQs For Hospitals, Hospital Laboratory, and Acute Care Facilities Data Reporting document, states and state hospital associations can get certified to assume reporting for hospitals in their state. This reduces the reporting burden on hospitals so that they can report the data once to their state or state hospital association, and know that it will also be reported to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

This list will be updated weekly.

State Status Certification Date Notes
Wyoming Certified 7/24/2020
Texas Certified 7/25/2020
Massachusetts Certified 7/29/2020
Iowa Certified 8/7/2020
Rhode Island Certified 8/7/2020
Kentucky Certified 8/10/2020
North Dakota Certified 8/11/2020
US Virgin Islands Certified 8/11/2020
Oklahoma Certified 8/21/2020
Minnesota Certified 8/26/2020
New Hampshire Certified 8/27/2020
Tennessee Certified 8/27/2020
Alabama Certified 8/28/2020
District of Columbia Certified 8/28/2020
Indiana Certified 8/28/2020
Wisconsin Certified 8/28/2020
Nevada Certified 8/31/2020
New Jersey Certified 9/2/2020
North Carolina Certified 9/2/2020
Idaho Certified 9/8/2020
Vermont Certified 9/8/2020
West Virginia Certified 9/8/2020
Florida 9/11/2020 Switched to Direct Reporting on 10/29/2020
New Mexico Certified 9/14/2020
Puerto Rico Certified 9/14/2020
Nebraska Certified 9/17/2020
Michigan Certified 9/21/2020
Connecticut Certified 10/9/2020
Georgia Certified 10/9/2020
Montana Certified 10/9/2020
California Certified 10/15/2020
Louisiana In Process
Arizona In Process
Hawaii In Process
Oregon In Process