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COVID-19 State and County Policy Orders Data Dictionary

  1. state_id (string): The two digit state code for the policy change
  2. county (optional string): The county name where the policy change was implemented. Optional due to counties occasionally implementing their own policies.
  3. fips_code (string): A list of fips codes where the policy change is occurring. This is the authoritative column for where a county policy change occurs.
  4. policy_level (string): Whether the policy is a state of county-level policy. Either “state” or “county.”
  5. date (date, formatted YYYY-MM-dd): The date of the policy. Please note that there is also a start and stop column, to indicate whether this date is for the beginning or end of the policy.
  6. policy_type (string): The “type” of policy this in. Generically fitted in to many categories including Gym policies, Food and Drink policies, Stay at Home policies, and more.
  7. start_stop (string): Either “start” or “stop” Indicating whether this entry is for the beginning or end of a policy, respectively.
  8. comments (string): Details about the policies. In some cases, simply a link to a website with more information.
  9. source (string): Where this policy comes from. Either BU COVID-19 Policy Database, Wikidata, manual (no source), or sip_submission_form (with source website URL).
  10. total_phases (integer): As some states shifted to reopening policies, this column captures the number of phases of reopening that were expected.