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Hi, I was doing research for a project on headaches and thought I would try this portal. I admit, I am new to this but it looked intuitive enough that I didn't feel like I was missing something...until I was. I don't see any data on headaches? Why? Now, I'm willing to admit that maybe I put in an incorrect term. I searched for "headache/s" as that seemed a good start, but nothing came up. So, is it that I searched incorrectly or that you don't have data specifically about headaches, or some third reason I'm not sure how to verbalized? Please advise, as this may become a story in itself for me to share.




Here are a few suggestions for data about headaches.

  1. National Health Interview Survey – representative sample of health conditions in the US population – search keyword “headache” for data tables aggregated by factors including sex, age, race, education, and more.
  1. Beyond the NHIS data, some historical Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data sets have questions related to headache [0] and the most recent is 2012 [1]:
  1. National Library of Medicine PubMed Literature –
  2. NIH also gives out research grants to work on headaches/migraines. You can click on “headaches” on this site and see the listing of research, the abstract, and the Principal Investigator:

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.


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