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I suppose that is not the right email that I should address this subject but I couldn’t find any other email at the website. Maybe you can help me.

I’m working as research assistant at the division of gynecological surgery, and I’d like to get some information about database related to non-surgical treatment for uterine fibroid, more specifically uterine fibroid embolization. I don’t know if there is a national database about if for free access or even to purchase, so any information will be very helpful.

Thank you so much



Thank you for reaching out. You might consider accessing the following open federal data:

The FIBROID registry at the Agency for Health Care Research and Quality:

Research grantees from the National Institute of Health: You can find information about grants that National Institutes of Health has funded about uterine fibroids. This could help you find researchers whose datasets might be used secondarily.

Hope this helps.


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