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Ancillary Services (Procedure Code Group 6060)

Codes in this file are considered ancillary (defined as “services supportive of or necessary for providing a primary service”). Ancillary services may be provided either before, after, or concurrent with the primary service. For example, anesthesia during surgery is a concurrent ancillary service. Community support services provided before or after behavioral health therapy is also ancillary, but not concurrent.

Ancillary codes are covered when they are medically appropriate and 1) part of the care for a funded (“above the line”) condition; or 2) part of a covered diagnostic workup. Payment for ancillary codes varies by program. For example, some codes may be bundled for payment or OHP may require a different coding option. See program rules for details.

This list is for reference purposes only. This list does not guarantee coverage. For specific coverage information please contact the Provider Services Unit at 1-800-336-6016.

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