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California COVID-19 Hospital Data and Case Statistics

UPDATE: In response to numerous public inquiries asking for more precise definitions of data elements, a revised data dictionary has been posted.

Statewide cumulative daily inventory of hospital status aggregated to the county level. This dataset depicts: total confirmed cases, total deaths, both positive and suspected positive COVID-19 patients, as well as Intensive Care Unit (ICU) positive and suspected positive COVID-19 patients. Daily updates are appended to a single file in order to make it easier to analyze in statistical programs. Daily numbers can be easily calculated by subtracting the previous day's total from the current.

Cumulative totals previous to 4/1 are not available.

PLEASE NOTE: This data may not match those compiled by local health departments, as this is a rapidly evolving situation meaning the counts are heavily dependent on when the data was pulled, as well as other factors. Timing of the data pulls for this dataset is stated in the data dictionary. Local health departments who post counts from later data pulls will have higher numbers for the same date. In addition, state cases are defined as laboratory-verified infections that have been submitted to the state surveillance system for reportable diseases, CalREDIE. Local Health Departments may have more expansive definitions of positive cases, or may have knowledge of cases that have not yet been entered in CalREDIE, which will also result in local health departments reporting higher case counts.

Note: The data table display does not sort correctly by date. To find data for a specific date, download the file and filter on the 'Most Recent Date' field.

To find information on county general acute care hospital (GACH) bed types and counts, please use this link.

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