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CEBS Genetic Toxicology: In Vivo Comet Data

The in vivo comet assay examines the ability of substances to cause DNA damage in cells from a variety
of different tissues in an organism, such as stomach, liver, lung, or brain. The DNA damage detected in
the comet assay may be in the form of breaks or adducts, as well as transient damage resulting from
normal DNA repair processes.
The DNA damage detected by this assay may be:

  • Repaired and thus, cause no permanent effects in the cell
  • Lethal to the cell
  • Converted into a persistent mutation by errors in DNA repair, which may lead to disease

DNA breaks may also lead to chromosome breaks, which are found in many human diseases including
This data domain is part of Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) database maintained by the National Toxicology Program.

At the link provided is a PDF and one or more folders containing data. The PDF describes the data, file types, and folder structure present.