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Public Health Services- Chicago Primary Care Community Health Centers

Locations and contact information for Chicago primary care community health clinics (including all federally qualified health centers and similar community health centers that provide primary care and are open to the general community). Additional information can be found at:

CDPH anticipates that this list will be used in the following ways: 1) by residents who are in need of
assistance in finding a primary care physician and clinic near their homes; 2) by social service and
public sector service providers that want to link their consumers to primary care near their homes; 3)
by health system and public health researchers who are interested in Chicago’s primary care and
safety net provider landscape.

Clinics were excluded from this list if a) it is not specifically in their mission to care for underserved
populations or b) if clinic services are only available to a narrowly defined population.

Disclaimers: This list is intended to be a working document of primary care clinics for underserved
populations in Chicago. If you believe an entry on this list to be outdated, misrepresented, or
otherwise in error, please contact

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