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Seismic compliance data by county for general acute care hospitals

Data for seismic compliance in general acute care hospitals is grouped by counties. All general acute care hospital buildings are assigned a structural performance category (SPC). SPC ratings range from 1 to 5 with SPC 1 assigned to buildings that may be at risk of collapse during a strong earthquake and SPC 5 assigned to buildings reasonably capable of providing services to the public following a strong earthquake. State law requires all SPC 1 buildings to be removed from providing general acute care services by 2020 and all SPC 2 buildings to be removed from providing general acute care services by 2030. Therefore, a hospital facility that may be comprised of a number of hospital buildings meets the 2020 requirements if there are no SPC 1 buildings on campus. A hospital facility meets the 2030 requirements if all the buildings on campus are either SPC 3, 4 or 5. Data is provided for both hospital facilities and hospital buildings. Data is updated approximately every two weeks.

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