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Data on headaches

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Hi, I was doing research for a project on headaches and thought I would try this portal. I admit, I am new to this but it looked intuitive enough that I didn't feel like I was missing something...until I was. I don't see any data on headaches? Why? Now, I'm willing to admit that maybe I put in an incorrect term. I searched for "headache/s" as that seemed a good start, but nothing came up. So, is it that I searched incorrectly or that you don't have data specifically about headaches, or some third reason I'm not sure how to verbalized? Please advise, as this may become a story in itself for me to share. Thanks.


Hello, Here are a few suggestions for data about headaches. 1. National Health Interview Survey – representative sample of health conditions in the US population – search keyword “headache” for data tables aggregated by factors including sex, age, race, education, and more. * You can get access to state level data through the Research Data Center: * MMWR “ QuickStats: Percentage* of Adults Aged ≥18 Years Who Reported Having a Severe Headache or Migraine in the Past 3 Months,† by Sex and Age Group — National Health Interview Survey,§ United States, 2015“ 2. Beyond the NHIS data, some historical Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data sets have questions related to headache [0] and the most recent is 2012 [1]: * “Reactions to Race [Prologue] Within the past 30 days, have you experienced any physical symptoms, for example, a headache, an upset stomach, tensing of your muscles, or a pounding heart, as a result of how you were treated based on your race? (Variable name change) RRPHYSM2” * [0] * [1] 3. National Library of Medicine PubMed Literature – 4. NIH also gives out research grants to work on headaches/migraines. You can click on “headaches” on this site and see the listing of research, the abstract, and the Principal Investigator: Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions.

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