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I live in VA, zip code 24426. Insurance companies refuse to sell me a supplemental or medigap policy because I am under 65, and where I live. I already know about the laws on the federal and state level. Only an act from Congress can change the federal law, and states can choose to amend legislation, but 27 haven't and VA just dismissed a bill from Creigh Deeds in Feb and it was postponed again until next year. Morgan Griffiths office said he couldn't help me, that the problem was the insurance companies. I want to know WHY, WHO ALL, and WHEN, this was allowed to happen and why were Disabled Americans Under 65 not informed? How are Pre-Existing conditions being protected when this is discrimination to a very group 100% with pre-existing conditions? I hope someone will explain the history behind this crushing injustice. Mary Dickson

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