Updates to the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems (CEBS) Database

Posted by Ellie Sheridan on September 19, 2017 
We are constantly working to keep the CEBS database up to date. The data available for download from the FTP site for CEBS, as well as the CEBS interface and guided searches have been updated with a batch of new studies. The new data include studies performed by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), a Health and Human Services interagency program, and from other sources.

New studies added to the CEBS database include microarray studies, bacterial mutagenicity (or Ames) studies, and general toxicity and carcinogenicity studies. For example, data from a new bacterial mutagenicity study on dibromochloroacetic acid can be found within the CEBS Genetic Toxicity: Bacterial Mutagenicity Data domain. Studies may contain one or more data type. For example, new general toxicity studies of myristicin in rats and mice can be found in several data domains: CEBS Histopathology DataCEBS Gross Pathology Observation Data, and CEBS In-Life Observation Data. The histopathology data on the myristicin studies alone include pathology findings from over 200 male and female rats and mice, including neoplastic and non-neoplastic findings.

Finally, the CEBS homepage has been updated to include a digital object identifier (DOI). The CEBS DOI will always link to the CEBS homepage and can be used when citing the CEBS database: https://doi.org/10.22427/NTP-DATA-1