Cancer Innovation: 

Data-Driven Innovation to Bridge Gaps to Cancer Care and Improve Equitable Access

Last year, the President stood up the first-ever Cancer Cabinet to mobilize the federal government, and called on individuals, health care providers, and leaders across sectors to step up and take action.
On the one-year anniversary of this renewed call to action, HHS launched the “CancerX” National Innovation Accelerator Initiative, a government wide effort to develop tools focused on the continuum of cancer care, including prevention, detection, treatment, and transitions in care. This work is intended to help startups scale their business and work toward creating ‘challenge-focused’ solutions for cancer with health equity in mind.
Therefore, as part of this broader effort to accelerate the pace and scale of cancer innovation, we ask the following question:
How can we leverage and transform raw data into actionable insights and digital tools to bridge disparities of health related to cancer care, including prevention to ensure equitable access and wellness for all?
Potential ideas for exploration
This challenge is intentionally broad. For example, potential products might focus on these five priority areas identified by the Cancer Cabinet.
  • Close the Screening Gap: Ensuring all populations have equitable access to cancer screening and decreasing the impact of preventable cancers
  • Environmental Exposure: Understanding and addressing the impact a person’s lived environment can impact their health
  • Cutting-Edge Research: Bringing emerging research through the pipeline to patients and communities
  • Supporting Patients and Caregivers: Improving quality of care and life for people living with and caring for those with cancer
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