COVID-19 Test To Treat Locations

The map and table below provide locations of Test to Treat sites. These locations have received an order of  Pfizer's Paxlovid or Merck's Lagevrio (molnupiravir)  in the last two months and/or have reported availability of the oral antiviral medications within the last two weeks.  Users are able to filter by City, State or Zipcode. 
Users can then view the table for the location of Test to Treat sites. Please note that those sites that have not reported in the last two weeks display a notification with the site details, "Inventory has not been reported in the last 2 weeks. Please contact the provider to make sure the product is available."
COVID-19 therapeutics require a prescription to obtain. The medication is provided at no cost. Some sites may charge for services not covered by insurance. Some sites may offer telehealth services. This website is intended for informational purposes only and does not serve as an endorsement or recommendation for use of any of the locations listed on the sites.