Welcome to the 2023
Health Equity DataJam


This data-driven sprint is a call-to-action for the public to transform HHS data into digital tools, insights, and innovation for real-world impact. Join us! Learn more and submit a solution at AcademyHealth.org.

DataJam Registration and FAQ Page


How can we transform HHS data into actionable insights and digital tools to help bridge disparities of health, including those exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Long COVID, and infection-associated chronic illnesses to ensure equitable access and wellness for all? 

Curated Datasets

Explore health equity topics and discover issue-specific data recommended by government experts and test-driven by teams working to solve the nation’s biggest challenges. For the 2023 Health Equity DataJam, datasets are curated by six themes. 
The Social Determinants and Health Equity Resource Guide includes additional datasets and information, more broadly applicable to all topics. 


Each tile below features a theme that fits within the Health Equity DataJam. The tiles summarize a challenge's themes and their importance, along with potential ideas and resources for data scientists, designers, innovators, and problem solvers to explore.